Saturday, March 6, 2010

Official photographer of the Royal Challengers Bangalore for DLF IPL 2010.

What a day !!! All prayers answered !!!

Being selected as the Official photographer for the Royal Challengers Bangalore for DLF IPL 2010.

75 mins to shoot - edit & submit…....... this was an absolute marathon. After all this was a lull for 3 hrs wherein the interviews started…..... man these were the longest hours of my life ! Felt like 300 yrs with 10,000 butterflies in my stomach ...... groups were made consisting 1 photographer, 1 videographer, 1 podcaster & 1 blogger. My group was numbered 9, oops did I say group? I was the last photographer to be interviewed accompanied by 1 blogger as everyone had their groups & the leftovers were just packed in the last group ( group of

Should say that Anil bounced a few tricky questions & Ray too was pretty involved in a photographic conversation…........thats it, all this lasted for 10 mins & then a decision making break for 15 mins & then the FINALE !!!!

I still can’t get over the feeling I was in when my name was announced !!! GOD this was it !

After all this was followed by the media for interviews & images ..... this was the first time I realized that how difficult it is to face more than 50 cameras at once with lightning flashes….phew what a feeling to be in front of the camera for once !!!

I thank RCB for this fantabulous opportunity, thank DNA for organizing the event, thank all the people involved in yesterdays event & a big thanks to all the fellow participants who supported me all the way & congrats to all the fellow winners.

Cheers guys ! Enjoy the images !

In this image - Me, Anil Kumble & Siddhartha Vijay Mallya

Fellow Winners - RadioSandeep - Chief Podcaster, Sandeep - Chief Videographer & Aneesh - Chief Blogger

With fellow participants.

These are the 3 images which were bowled by me & stumped the judges !!!

Looking forward to a great season ahead.......going to be fun as well as hectic !!!
Match updates & images coming soon.


  1. WOW! Congrats!! thats just too great! and all the best.. you have a hectic time ahead!

  2. Hi, Ashish

    Congrats .

    I also would like to learn sports photography.

    I am ready to assist .

    Please Advice..

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  6. Can u share Wat kind of questions shooted at u during that 10mins discussion /interview??