Friday, July 9, 2010

Kabini 7th & 8th July, 2010.

My short trip to Kabini along with Dipti & Dev, must say the most successful trip so far.
Scroll away to find out why !

This was on a evening safari on 7th July, this was the day I got my Canon 30D 3 years back.
Dipti, Dev & me began the safari at 4pm from the Jungle Lodges at Kabini. Just as we entered
the jungle Dipti whispered "Your son has always been lucky for you & today you will surely
find a Leopard". Before I could answer back the watcher in the vehicle Mr.Afsar continuously
whispered Leopard, Leopard, Leopard...... this was it, he was right in front of us barely 30mtrs away. Spent more than an hour with this elusive cat & words just cannot explain how it feels to spot a cat in the wild.

One has to be there to experience it.

An elusive portrait.

The yawn.

The looks to KILL.

This was the next day morning safari, hit a Double Whammy !!!
A couple resting on a tree, hats-off to Mr.Shivanand of JLR for spotting this as they were at long distance.

A CAT is a CAT.

Crested Serpent Eagle (CSE) lives up to it's name with a Rusell's Viper kill.

The stance of a CSE.

The Peacock shows off in morning light.

Indian Giant Squirrel.

Malabar Parakeet.

The Spotted Deer fight.

My Special thanks to Jungle Lodges & Resorts + watcher Mr.Afsar & jeep driver Mr.Sadiq.

Cheers !!!
Ashish Parmar.

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  1. Simply Magnificent. I have been to Kabini so many times, but the big cat has always eluded me.

    The 'Yawn' is a great moment captured.

  2. dr prashant dashJuly 12, 2010 at 7:38 AM

    The pics are awesome. Wish i could take the wild life photography class with u.

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  4. Nice picures Ashish. Would love to see your other works.