Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nature imagery assortment.

Some of my close to heart images ...............................all made with Canon 30D with 18-55mm & 70-300mm USM.

Made at Abbies Wilderness, Shimsha

Tawny Eagle @ Hessarghatta

Yellow Wattled Lapwing @ Hessarghatta

Painted stork @ Mysore outskirts

Bi-coloured frog @ Dubare Forest, Coorg

Gundal Dam backwaters

Grey Wagtail @ BR Hills

Monster or fresh morning light @ Nandi Hill

Scavenger Vulture @ Hessarghatta

Chestnut bellied Sandgrouse @ Mydanahalli

Green bee-eater @ Jakkur Lake

Rose-ringed Parakeet @ Kokkre Bellur

Spotted Owlet @ Hessarghatta

Gaur @ BR Hills

Black Buck @ Mydanahalli

This being my first post turns out to be an assortment of the archive.

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