Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kabini. May 2009

Had been planning for long to get to Kabini, finally it happened on 29th May, 2009. Being a holiday season it was next to impossible to get bookings at the Jungle Lodges also to add to the commotion was the spotting of Tiger & Leopard on a day to day basis past April 2009 had been attracting an army of wildlife enthusiasts. This trip was made possible by a friend (Devendra SK) who managed to get the booking.
We were at the Jungle Lodges for one night which included accomodation, food & 2 safaris. I would rate the safari at Kabini JLR the best in south india, this is keeping the following factors in mind :
1. The most liveliest, beautiful & wild jungle.
2. The vehicle condition & seating arrangement being really good.
I really do not want to comment on the naturalist & the driver.

Down below are a few stock shots made during this wild trail using my Canon 30D + Canon 100-400 IS L series lens + handheld.

On the first safari we were greeted by a mock charge by 3 elephants & a tusker calf. This was one of my first elephant charge experience. The trumpeting, foot banging, the anger ....phew....... had never thought that such calm creatures could showcase this behaviour.

One more of the charge sequence................this went on for more than 30 mins & in no time we realised that we were surrounded by a total number of 7 pachyderms.

the common's showed up in herd's as usual

one more of the common's

the above image is made at the back waters & is localy known as Maasti Katte, supposedly this is the place which used to host Asia's largest congregation of elephant's numbering to more than 500 !!!
Wish I knew what happened.......

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