Thursday, June 25, 2009

T.G.Halli reservoir. June 2009

Made this trip on 24th June 2009 along with Apana, we hit the road by 5.00am & reached by 6.15am. My motive of this trip was to try my hands on HDR (High Dynamic Range) images & panoramic shots to implement in creating a QTVR (Quick Time Virtual Reality) mentored by AB Apana. It was his images which sparked the interest in me to try HDR & QTVR.

Down below are a few shots & a movie file made during this trip using my Canon 30D + Canon 100-400 IS L series lens + tripod & a few handheld shots of the common's.

My first HDR image....................sunrise at TG Halli.

View of the reservoir. (HDR image)

Some shots of the common's.


The Agama - male.

The Agama - female.

Brahminy Kite.

Can you spot me ? ............... Little Ringed Plover.

Little Grebe.

Grey Herons.
The saying goes "Birds of a same feather flock together".

Little Cormorant basking & preening.

Little Egret in breeding plumage.

One more Little Egret in flight.

Comments & critics appreciated.

Driving directions to TG Halli.

Take the Magadi road.
You will pass Sunkadakatte.
Then you will reach Tavarekere.
From here its about 7kms to TG Halli dam gate.
Its one straight road from the beginning of Magadi road.

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  1. A nice visual diary. I especially liked the egretscape. Good job on the B&W conversion.